What´s the most popular Vacation Rental Management Software?

Great Question.

First, we need to kno what type of Vacation Rental Management software or VR SaaS you need before answering that question.

Since 2007/2008, second home-owners were hit by a Real Estate crisis that was only saved by this business model of VR. Homeowners used to rent their properties during a short-term period. Later after, Real Estate Agencies saw great potential and then came the Vacation Rental Booming, having a period of great prosperity for just a few.

We can´t forget about Airbnb.com that came up as a disruptor, with their “sharing economy” Business Model.

At first, there were not many distribution channels for Vacation Rentals. The business model for this category of accommodations was very small and simple.

Most of the online channels were annual subscriptions like channels like http://Homeaway.com acquired today by Expedia. Vacations, Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets & Airfares. Since a while ago, many vacation rentals distribution channels passed from the static contact form to 7, 14 or 30 days dynamic pricing strategy that forces them to add multiple pricing options including shortener restriction options such as, Minimum Length of Stay, Close Dates and even adding multiple occupancies whenever someone wanted to book a property.

That´s when there was a need of multiple Vacation Rental Management software such as:

Here is where we need to start asking our self, what is the most popular vacation rental management software?

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