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List of hotel technology reservation software and booking engine
reservation software and booking engine research

Let’s be honest, you are not 100% happy with your actual Internet Booking Engine provider. It´s clear because you are looking around for something new and you landed our blog. It´s not easy to search for new Reservation Software providers that can satisfy all your needs, however, here is a short list to start with.

If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to connect the Chartok Team. You can also visit our Marketplace for filters like accommodation type.

Here the hotel booking engine list:

Lodgify Booking System
Instantly receive online bookings and payments for your vacation rental. Our system easily guides your guest through the booking process and automates payment collection.

GNA Hotel Solutions
Complete technological suite to increase direct sales. Intuitive and agile system for keeping track of your establishment’s prices, availability, vouchers, restrictions, bookings, etc.

Booking engine to comprehensively manage online marketing and distribution of all types of hotels. Online booking system agile, complete and intuitive to channel, increase and maximize direct sales.

Simple Booking
A hotel booking engine easy and seamless to use. One-of-a-kind while covering every distribution scenario available for any hotel type with most important worldwide security certifications.

Base7booking Booking Engine
Our Booking Engine is designed to look beautiful and promote direct bookings from your website. The fully responsive design allows your guests to make a reservation from tablets, computers, or smartphones.

The custom Hotelerum Booking Engine interface is organized by hotel business objectives, for fast and intuitive actions that help you focus on making direct sales. Ideal for Revenue Optimization.

Efficient technology to convert visits into revenue. Simple, intuitive and high conversion. Great flexibility in the hotel’s management, revenue improvement, and direct sales.

Witbooker 6 is a booking engine that integrates with the main information systems sector to their customers get 360º solutions. Designed to maximize your direct sales.

Bookassist Booking Engine
Voted The World’s Leading Booking Engine Technology. Secure, fast and reliable, constantly updated, delivering the highest booking conversion.

SynXis Booking Engine ensures hotel’s guests a positive shopping and booking experience. Versatile and scalable to meet the needs of any size property or chain.

The Booking Button
A wholly-branded booking engine for your hotel’s website to attract, reach and convert guests direct. Increase conversions with a simple guest booking experience.

GuestCentric Booking Engine
A reservation system that rewards customers instantly. GuestCentric encourages

Cubilis Booking Engine
Commission-free bookings through hotel website. Online booking system with a secure connection which you need to integrate into hotel’s own website.

Xotelia Booking Engine
Useful and in constant evolution Booking Engine developed by Xotelia for little properties, short-term rentals and bed and breakfasts. Affordable and 100% responsive.


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