What is chartok.com Marketplace?

We present you http://chartok.com/, a Hospitality Software and Services Marketplace.

Our Marketplace will help you reach buyers only focus in the Hospitality Niche Markets. At the same time, we will help hoteliers and property managers build a perfect distribution chart. Having a Business Profile is completely free, please add your Business Profile.

Each company profile includes:

  • Company Description
  • Products / Services Descriptions
  • Images
  • Product / Service Features
  • Hospitality  Reviews (Coming Soon)

We have created the following filters to help you to connect with the right niche markets:

  • Rooms / Beds Capacity
  • Property Type
  • Pricing Model
  • Features per Categories (Coming Soon)

Based on the filters above, we need to know which niche markets would you like us to advertise your company. We´ll also have a Pay Per Click listing, giving you maximum exposure, allowing you the opportunity to acquire high-quality traffic in the Hospitality niche markets.


  • Highly Qualified Leads
  • Connect with buyers in the Hospitality Niche Markets
  • Flex PPC – No Commitment
  • Get found Easily
  • High Visibility
  • Stay ahead of your Competitors
  • Help more Hoteliers find you

Send us more information about your company in order to complete your Business Profile.

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